With our President personally at the helm of HRD’s operations, clients are assured of professional and ethical manpower placement services. Selected and trained key personnel of HRD are also ready to communicate with clients about applicants’ mobilization and other information on recruitment & manpower placement.

PAOS or Pre-Application Orientation Seminar

All walked-in applicants and those recruited/sourced during jobs fairs and similar recruitment activities, are given thorough briefing, FREE of charge, on company’s procedures, overseas employment processes, and important reminders to prepare them for a job overseas. This is in line with the company’s full disclosure policy, and in recognition of the applicants’ rights to information.

Screening & Job Matching

We have pre-qualifying and shortlisting procedures in the office. A job-matching is conducted so that only qualified applicants are endorsed to the Principal for final interview or selection.

Medical Examination

All pre-qualified applicants are referred by our office to government-accredited clinics for examination of the worker’s physical fitness and readiness for an overseas job.

Skills Training & Testing

Apart from interviews, we also endorse (when necessary) the applicants to government-accredited Training & Trade Testing centers, to ensure the candidate’s technical competence.

Clients Registration and Documentation Processing

HRD, for clients’ convenience, prepares all documents necessary to facilitate clients’ registration or accreditation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Applicants are also guided by HRD in reading, understanding and signing various employment forms and documents. We facilitate smooth and timely processing of the workers’ travel documents, with the POEA and other government entities involved in overseas employment program.

Post-Deployment Services

HRD’s service and role as licensed Philippine agent does not end on the worker’s deployment date and his/her arrival in the worksite, as HRD is committed to monitor the welfare of the deployed workers as well as help resolve Employer-Employee issues, through the foreign manpower agency or the Employer, and through direct communication with the concerned parties. HRD has a team of OFW-counselors whose role include not just guiding OFW-applicants but also to receive calls from deployed workers or Principals, or to get in touch with them through various communication mediums : telephone, text messaging, viber messaging and other online or social networking facilities.
HRD team, including the top management representative is part of the counseling team, and is available to receive and hear reports or issues (if any) from deployed workers, or from the foreign Principals & Employers.