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HRD team’s commitment

HRD is your professional and ethical recruitment and manpower placement partner in the Philippines!

At HRD, we are guided by the principle of doing things right the first time, every time. Our business credo reflects our commitment to providing professional, fair, and ethical services at all stages of the labor migration cycle, to all our valued clients — be it employers, affiliates, associates, contract workers or job applicants.

Our role as a manpower placement agent goes beyond the mere selection and deployment of applicants to overseas worksites. We understand that the journey doesn’t end there. As a reliable partner, HRD offers comprehensive post-deployment services aimed at addressing any work-related concerns or issues that may arise. Our support remains available to our recruited and deployed workers throughout the duration of their employment contract or until they have safely returned to the Philippines.

Partnering with HRD assures every client (be it employer or worker), a multitude of advantages. Beyond experiencing quality recruitment services, efficient documentation management, and seamless manpower placement process, our commitment extends to assisting clients with legal and regulatory compliances. Knowing that work-related challenges can arise in the overseas jobsite, we stand ready to provide post-deployment support to both employers and workers. We go the extra mile to serve as our goal is to help both worker and employer navigate any occupational obstacles and ensure a smoother labor migration experience.

At HRD, with the President personally leading the helm of our business operations, we take great pride in upholding professional and fair recruitment practices, always prioritizing our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. We believe in fostering long-lasting partnerships built on trust, where all our clients can rely on us for exceptional service.

Message from the President

At HRD, our purpose goes beyond mere profits. We are in the business of improving the lives of our OFW-recruits, supporting our overseas partners in their endeavors through the talents of our OFWs, and contributing to the overall progress of our nation.

With HRD, you can expect nothing less than true professionalism, dedication, transparency and integrity. We always go the extra mile to deliver results that go above and beyond what is expected. Deal with us, and experience the difference that comes from an ordinary organization and an ordinary leader, dedicated to making extraordinary impact”.

Nora Braganza
President & General Manager

The President & General Manager’s Profile


More than 20 years in the overseas manpower placement industry


2013 – present : author, proponent and initiator of “Basic, Must Know, Winnable (BMW) learning programs” for  licensed recruitment agencies, job-seekers and foreign Principals.

2015-present : EC-ANZAEPP (Europe, Canada-Australia & New Zealand Association of Employment Providers of the Philippines)

    • 2023-2025 : Chairperson;

: Committee Head on Education & Welfare

    • 2015-2022 : Trustee

2015 – present: President, JEPPCA (Japan Employment Providers of the Philippines & Consultants’ Association)

2020 – present: Trustee & Committee Head on Membership & Education, PEACEME (Philippine Employment Agencies & Associates for Corporate Employers in the Middle East

Member of other recruitment industry organizations